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“Working for RICH has been a gratifying experience. Giving the students an opportunity to improve their skills and gain confidence in themselves as learners and problem solvers has been just part of my experience. RICH tutors and mentors also have the opportunity to develop personal connections with our students, which spur them to consistently attend school, take personal responsibility for their successes and realize the possibilities that their new skills can offer them.”— Pam Korbel, RICH Board Member and Tutor

Making a Difference

“I like my work to be appreciated and RICH provides that, along with the camaraderie of tutors, students and teachers working together to meet goals. Hugs from seniors and their smiling greetings, ‘Ms. G … will you tutor me today?’ are treats that keep me going.”— Betsy Glassman, RICH Instructor


Meet Our Supporters and Partners

RICH student
RICH would like to thank the following foundations which have supported us through the years:

• Luther I. Replogle Foundation
• Commonweal Foundation
• Herb Block Foundation
• Capitol Hill Community Foundation
• Gannett Foundation
• John Edward Fowler Memorial Foundation
• Hattie M. Strong Foundation
• Dimick Foundation
• The Share Fund
• US Air Education Foundation
• Nirman Foundation
• Clark-Winchcole Foundation
• Community Foundation of the National Capital Region
• New York Avenue Foundation
• Wells Fargo
• Walmart State Giving
• Westmoreland Church
• Renah Blair Foundation
• Shugar Foundation
Community Youth Investment Trust Corporation


RICH would like to thank the following people and organizations for their in-kind services or donations of supplies.

• The César Chávez Public Charter School for Public Policy, founded in 1999 by Irasema Salcido, has partnered with RICH since 2003. RICH has helped over 750 Chavez students improve their grades or test scores.
The Academies of Anacostia, a District of Columbia Public School, has been a RICH partner since 2010. At Anacostia, RICH targets low readers, truant students and the most proficient math students.
St. Phillip The Evangelist Episcopal Church, for hosting RICH’s SAT classes, college mentors meetings, and career counseling for our alumni who are not yet on a four-year college or livable wage career track. and, for their generous supply of math contests and competitions.
Pumpernickel’s for the Saturday bagels
Fair Chance, for their never-ending advice, guidance and support.
Year Up, an intensive one-year program for young adults 18-24, providing technical and professional training, college credits, an educational stipend and access to corporate and/or federal internships.
• Jolie Lee, for the use of her photographs throughout this website. Visit her blog.
• Steve OKeefe and the Edmund Burke School for their generous donations of calculators.
• Beth Cole and the math department at the St. Patrick’s School.
• The One Sight Foundation for their free eye exams and glasses for our needy students.
CodeNOW, Chess Challenge in DC, Pinpoints Theatre, Technology Playground, YoKid, Free Minds Book Club, Anacostia Riverkeeper, Whole Foods and Project Create for their generous programming options for RICH’s MATHletes and WordSTARS.
• Success Markets, Inc., for their invaluable guidance and insight.

Board of Directors

• Maryann Gosnell, Chair, Webmaster, Bullis School
• Karen Guberman, Director, Educational Pathways
• William Gruen, Vice Chair, Certified public accountant, Gruen and Wichansky
• Pamela Korbel, Reading instructor, RICH
• Renee Licht
• Wes Pickard, Treasurer, Former CFO, Synergy, Inc.
• Alexis Sepulveda-Hau, Private attorney
• George Walker, President and CEO, OSI-MB, Inc.

Major Donors

• Dan Schuchat and Lori Lubich
• Carolyn and Jeffrey Leonard
• Michael and Afsaneh Beschloss
• Wes Pickard and Jeannette Studley
• Maryann and Barry Gosnell
• Bill Gruen and Margaret McDonald
• Nancy Crisman
• Peter Jaszi and Sheryl Gilbert
• Tom and Bevra Krattenmaker
• Karen Guberman and Craig Kennedy
• Neal and Ava Gross
• Rebecca and Douglas Spaly
Westmoreland Congregational United Church of Christ
• George Walker
• Christopher H. And Vivian Hartenau
• Mary Wagner
• Robert Weinberg and Christine Ley